A Snapshot of Chico State’s Social Media

Our total “likes” is an interesting diagram to analyze. As I stated before, Facebook is somewhat difficult to know exactly how many people are being exposed to the page. In our case, our monthly users is nearly double our total likes. Many Facebook users will go to our page, but not necessarily “like” it and be a loyal active user. Since the page was created (Spring of 2009), the page had a average following of about 140 people. I started the internship on July 19th, and started updating the page with photos of the construction on campus, links to the Chico Performance’s page, summer student achievements, and finally the Wild Cat Welcome event. When looking at the graph, one can see a strong increase in total “likes.” This I would correlate with the beginning of the school year and syncing / tagging other Chico State “pages” with the Public Affairs page as the official means of receiving campus news and information. Now that five months have passed, the page is nearing a plateau of total “likes.” This may be to the end of the semester as students limit their interaction, and families become busy for the holidays. On average total “likes” increase by about 2 to 5 per week. However, in respect to other “Chico State” Facebook pages, the total following of is about 18,00 individuals and growing (with overlap).


Total likes as of December 7, 2010:

  • Public Affairs and Publications: 417
  • California State University, Chico: 10,147
    • Chico State / I Love Chico State: 7,233
    • Chico State Alumni Association: 91
    • Chico State Housing: 516
    • Chico State Parents: 485


Other pages Involving Chico State:

  • Chico State WREC: 3,730
  • I’m A Chico State Student: 2,425
  • Associated Students: 1,213


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