Wind, rain hasn’t slowed them down

Winds reached 60 mph Wednesday causing thousands of Chico residents to lose power, but Blitz Build volunteers continued construction throughout the storm with no complaints, said Christina Pantera, student project manager and primary media contact.

“Weather hasn’t really affected building at all,” she said.
This biggest concern, however, was making sure volunteers were safely off the scaffolding during yesterday’s powerful winds, Pantera said.

Since last week’s prefabrication and Saturday’s official start of the project, the site looks much different. During Saturday morning’s wall raising ceremony, very little of house two’s frame was in place. But by that night, the entire house was up, she said.

This morning, both houses were even further along. On the exterior, volunteers were perched on scaffolding all around the houses painting the trim, while others were crouched on the pavement finishing the detail siding.

Inside, the walls were painted and light fixtures were in place; cabinets had also been installed and were waiting for counter tops to be put in place today.

While the last day of the project is officially Sunday, they hope to complete construction Friday so the volunteers can have a day off before Sunday’s barbecue where the keys will be turned over to Catalyst, Pantera said.


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