Thanks to blitz build, victims of domestic violence will soon be home

“I can’t believe it’s actually, finally here,” Brieann Spalding said Saturday, prior to the 8 a.m. wall-raising ceremony.

This was the crew leader’s first day on site, which began at about 6 a.m. As a crew leader, her job was mainly overseeing the volunteers and attending to any tasks that arose like sweeping, landscaping, and setting up temporary lighting, she said.

After years of volunteering in New Orleans, Spalding was happy to give back to the Chico community. Especially because people will be living in the homes soon, she said.

Housing is a great need and challenge for Catalysts’ clients, said Jackey Humpfrey-Straub, who works for the non-profit.

The current Catalyst facility offers limited housing that isn’t permanent, she said. Families can only stay for 12 to 18 months. But soon Catalyst’s clients can move from the shelter to these new transitional homes.

Despite the storm, the volunteers are continuing construction to complete the structures on time. Follow their progress from home by watching the live feed.

For more background on the project, check out the video below:


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